Thursday, January 6, 2011

ClockWork 1.0 released!

A marriage of mechanical fetishism and a fondness of the analog, this new live wallpaper will certainly delight fans of those things. Are you in the market for something with a vaguely steampunk aesthetic? Is reading the time in digit form too quick and un-challenging for you? Do you long for those strange days when Roman numerals were the most concise way to represent discreet units of time? Have you just got a thing for spinning, toothed objects? Whether or not you said yes to any of those things you'll want to try ClockWork!

"But gentlemen," you exclaim, "I already have a clock widget in addition to the digital timekeep in the ever present bar atop my phone's display!" Well sir or madam, throw out that widget and ignore the digits! ClockWork is the classy way to keep time. Or just turn off the clock entirely and stare in wonder at the random systems of revolving gears generated before you. You'll soon find yourself saying, "Hmm I think I have a meeting to get to."