Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Celestial Bodies 1.2 update released!

New update to Celestial Bodies! What's that? A new update? But isn't that semantically redundant? Why yes it is. But only semantically so! In all other ways it is practically dundant! For it is time to throw out your old Celestial Bodies and slap on this swanky new version. As you may notice from the image below, the star has been given a new look. I think you'll find it appealing. That was the intent of course! There is also the exciting addition of asteroids. Asteroids? Yes asteroids! I'm asking you to be excited about rocks. And I'm sure you will oblige for these rocks are something special. But wait there's more. The settings page has been updated with far greater control over parameters both visual and interactive. Be sure to check it out. And if you find yourself scratching your head over the meaning of boxes checked and unchecked, radio buttons and sliders respectively radioed and slider-ed, stop molesting that scalp! For there is a helpful bit of information at the top of the page under the equally helpful title "Instructions," that should un-muddy concepts theretofore muddied!

But what about new bugs? Well I haven't quite found any yet but I'm sure you can. If you do please drop me a line. Or leave a maddeningly unhelpful comment, preferably with a low star rating to really drive home your point. The one-way nature of the comments system will ensure that I will be unable to helpfully answer your problem. Bonus points for confusing features for bugs and complaining about things that can easily be disabled in the oft-neglected settings page!


  1. (Chant) monolith (Chant) monolith (Chant) monolith
    love all the updates! Have your clock and this on my gtablet and my nexus.. great on tegra!!!!!!

  2. Love it hope for future upgrades wish get world buy paid version so can spend time for new upgrades hehe love it the best