Friday, September 17, 2010

The reception so far...

I don't really know who might be reading this blog on any regular basis but I certainly won't let a silly thing like readership stop me from addressing some of the comments I've gotten so far on Celestial Bodies. After all, the abysmal train-wreck that is Google Market leaves me no option for direct response.

User Wired opines:
Good LW, but the Music Visualiser needs work. Looks terrible with fast & loud electronic music. Options for sensitivity and views would help
Well it looks as though it falls to me to be the one to reveal the fact that your fast & loud electronic music is as ghastly looking as it is sounding. You see the music visualizer simply uses the planets' orbits to display the waveform of the currently playing audio. It is not a beat detection system or anything fancy like that. There is no 'sensitivity' when it comes to how things look. They just are. Naked and unbridled! That said I shall endeavor to investigate possible alternative schemes as I doubt fast and loud electronic music will be going away any time soon.

User Blake notices:

Looks cool but gets all jacked up when I'm running scanner radio goes back to normal when I turn it off. Happens when playing music too Evo 4g

This reminds me of a similarly curious thing I've noticed with my refrigerator. When I place items inside they become cold, but when I take them out they tend to warm up again. It's almost as if the refrigerator was designed to accomplish this. I tried to read the instruction manual once to determine if this was indeed its intended function but then my eyes just glazed over and I was later found in an alley miles from my home, delirious and without pants.

User Jessica decries:

Cant figure out how 2 open it

Unfortunately I have recently discovered that the English language, while otherwise quite sufficient for normal communication, simply lacks the expressive power to encapsulate at once an extensive description of the incredible features of Celestial Bodies as well as a full instruction manual all within the wickedly terse 330 character limit imposed by the sadistic and no doubt drug addled brains of the engineers of Google Market. Upon recovering from this earthshaking revelation, I foolishly decided to use this minuscule space to discuss features and tout capabilities, all the while trusting in the fatuous notion that users could somehow retain the knowledge gleaned from browsing dozens of other live wallpaper listings and/or using other live wallpapers, or failing that, to come to this very blog and read the instructions helpfully placed in the first post announcing release of said software. Jessica has rightly punished my presumptuous confidence in her ability to follow instructions with a fitting 1 star rating. I'm sorry Jessica. I do hope one day you finally crack the mystery of the long press and wallpaper selection screen!

User SuperMike riddles:

Would had definately been a 5star moment cept the restart does my box in. Fix it and u can ave ya 5 :)
I must say I'm not sure what you mean when you refer to your box being done in by restarts which is terribly inconvenient as the deciphering of this message would seemingly award me a much coveted 5 star rating currently being shrewdly held for ransom. I thank you for the 4 star consolation prize.

User Andrew befuddles:

If it wasn't only in landscape mode it would be better otherwise cool evo

I'm not sure what to make of this comment. In actuality the wallpaper ignores changes in orientation so it really knows nothing of portrait or landscape mode. Ignoring this inconvenient fact, of the several views available there is only one that could really be said to be in landscape mode, the Zarathustra view. If one is not satisfied with this view all one need do is poke one's screen with an otherwise unengaged finger to change it to one of several other views, all of which I imagine could be said to be running in portrait mode, making this comment all the more mysterious.

User Richard declares:

I like watching it when I'm on the toilet taking a dump, very cool.
Sure and this is high praise indeed! Admittedly, in the extensive testing leading up to Celestial Bodies' release little thought was given to how it might run in such an environment. Thankfully if Richard is to be believed, Celestial Bodies indeed runs phenomenally well in your typical bathroom setting even as one is involved in the busiest of businesses conducted.

I've received many conflicting reports about performance issues and freezes on the unfortunately underpowered Droid phone model. I am working on the issue and am very sorry for the inconvenience so far.

Many of the other comments have been quite positive and nearly all comments are uniformly written with amusingly terrible grammar.

I thank you all for your interest and feedback!


  1. your live wallpaper is my favorite, I enjoy Thus Spoke Zarathustra mode, i have the urge to throw a bone in the air just by seeing it, but luckily I left my monolith in my other pair of pants. So might i suggest as random occurrence? Say a comet, maybe some asteroids or sputnik (monoliths have only 6 sides hint hint hint)

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I'm working on another project at the moment but I do intend to come back to this very soon. I have actually thought about all the things you mentioned (even the monolith:).

    Comets definitely. That was going to be the major new feature of my next update. As for asteroids, I don't think I can manage that much extra geometry. I'm already getting a lot of complaints from Droid 1 users about performance and stability which I will be addressing in the next update.

    As for satellites/spacecraft I don't think the scale I'm working at would allow you to see things like this very clearly. But I will probably add other views and maybe that will open an opportunity for something like that.

    Thanks for your interest in Celestial Bodies!

  3. Best blog post ever! I really liked celestial bodies too.